Fullhodl Becomes An Official Ledger Reseller

When fullhodl.com was bestowed the title of preferred retailer (December 2017) for Ledger it was an extreme honor and an exciting day for our company.

Over that last few months, we’ve hung our hat on a customer first approach that does the Ledger product justice as well as our own brand here at fullhodl.

We have seen the recent articles, where consumers have purchased tampered Ledgers from 3rd party vendors and it very much upsets us.   We wish these bad actors weren’t out there.  What WE can do is contribute authentic products to the crypto-landscape in combination with on-going support.

Our mission now is stronger than ever.  We never want to see someone’s belongings compromised.  However, now more than ever, we see the need to cultivate and help educate this fast-growing community on what to look for while dealing in this space.  As we continue to build this community we invite questions, concerns, and even answers when we get something wrong.

Thank you to all who contribute to this community.