Every couple of weeks there will be a hedge fund manager or senior banking executive predicting the demise of all cryptocurrency.

This person likely will claim to have predicted every crash, car included, that has ever occurred anywhere.  After stroking their….ego by listing their extensive track record, they will systematically attempt to be-little any notion of legitimacy in this space.

There’s an important thing to note here.  These are the same people asking their kids, or grandkids, for log-in information to THEIR OWN wi-fi during holidays.  They’ll still say they like the “technology”, but how can we expect them to get it?  They can barely find the power button on the tablet they bought little Johnny for Christmas.   Until I hear an argument besides “I just don’t get it” or “it’s not backed by anything real,” I’ll take everything I hear with a satoshi of salt.

There will always be some guy in a tie

Thank you to all who contribute to this community.